Better Than No Run!

Check this out!

3 Tuesday’s in a row it’s been me and this!  Bike Lane

Except towards the middle of my day, I started feeling really tired, chilly and my cheeks felt flushed.

Didn’t think a whole lot of it until I started running this afternoon and my legs felt like lead. I was thinking, “Dang, I know I have chunky legs but normally they don’t feel so freakin’ heavy!!  What gives?”

The pace on my watch proved that I was dragging a$$!  I did the same routine today as I did last Tuesday, had an overall 13:54 pace today and last week it was 13:08.  For a moment I tried to talk myself in to putting more effort in to it but..I decided against that because 1) it normally leads to injury and 2) I have a half marathon on Sunday.  So I settled for pushing it a bit but not too much – a slow run was better than no run and I was just happy to be out there.Koss 2.11.14

By the way, my Koss FitClips headphones that I got as part of a FitFluential Campaign in December are the!!  I wear them all day long at work!!!  Today I was listening to a book on tape (Hunger Games in case you care) and then ran wearing them for 31 minutes (this time listening to my iPod on shuffle).  Didn’t hurt my ears one single bit – in fact I don’t even notice them there and I can’t say that for my glasses or any other in-ear headphones I have ever tried.  I especially love that at work, I can’t hear the background noise, which comes in handy when I’m trying to get through my work so I can leave in time for a run!!

It’s a little scarier on the road to have that kind of noise-canceling action but I just lower the music and I can hear (the music and traffic) just fine.  Sometimes, when I’m not on the road and I don’t need to hear what’s going on around me – I crank those babies up hardcore!!

(OMG, so I just realized the t-shirt in my review from December is the same shirt I wore today on my run.  With all the race shirts I have you’d think I’d switch it up a bit.  But I digress!)

Anywho…the Koss FitSeries FitClips and Fitbuds are on sale at Walgreens for $19.99 for a limited time.  I’m totally eyeing picking up a pair of the FitClips in purple!

I’ve been freezing since my run this afternoon and that’s really weird since it was in the very low 70′s when I ran.  Even a hot, hot, hot shower didn’t seem to warm me up – who stands in a hot shower and shivers??  I’m really going to be upset if I’m getting sick again for the 3rd time in 6 weeks!!!!

If you pick up the headphones, let me know what you think of them!!

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a pair of headphones? you still own those headphones?