As If Shopping Isn’t Challenging Enough!

First things first, a general PSA (if you will) – if you’re out shopping this weekend…PLEASE be kind to the retail workers.

As if the holidays aren’t challenging enough, today I signed up to participate in the Elf For Health holiday challenge.  

Read about it here.  You don’t have to be a blogger to sign up!  And it sounds like a great way to keep your healthy goals in mind when we’re surrounded with the chaos wonder of the holidays.

And if that wasn’t enough, my fun blogger friend, Bean, challenged me via Twitter the other night to….Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak!  (You may not remember, but I participated in the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak and extended past the requirements of 1 mile per day between Memorial Day and Labor Day and went a full 90 days..until I got injured.)  I didn’t immediately dismiss the idea of another challenge and when I told K about it, he shook his head and said, “Shouldn’t you heal first?”  But after yesterday’s successful Turkey Trot..I’m lead to believe I am healed.  And..I have a hard time turning down a challenge, especially when I’ve been called out in front of all of Twitterland!  Here are my hang ups:

  • 1 mile a day may mean I have to do those miles in the dark..driving to the gym to do 1 mile on the track seems a bit silly!
  • 1 mile a day includes Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Then I immediately think:

  • It’s 1 mile..I can pull that off real quick before work when the sun is up!  And..I probably won’t even break in to a sweat.
  • It’s 1 mile!!  You did it over the summer, you can do it again. Just get up a bit earlier than everyone and get it done.

Then there is the New Yerar’s Resolution I set in January to consider: Run 500 miles in 2012.

YTD: 456!

I have 44 miles to go to reach my goal.  I have 2 races in December, one is a 15K and the other a 10 miler.  So reaching my goal is within my grasp but adding 1 mile per day will definitely help me succeed!

So, Bean, consider this my official acceptance of the challenge…GAME RUN ON!

Remember, ShowerPill’s Black Friday deal via started today!  Buy 2, Get 1 Free when you put 3 boxes in your Shopping Cart and enter SPFriday. I ordered mine first thing this AM. I will not race without having one of those babies tucked in to my Fuel Belt any more!

Will you join me in the Elf For Health challenge?

Will you join me and Bean in the Runner’s World Challenge?

How do you stay healthy (mentally and physically) during the holidays? 

10 thoughts on “As If Shopping Isn’t Challenging Enough!

  1. WHoooeeee! Well since you called me out here……I just ran my mile for today which I was seriously considering wimping out on because I am just lazy. No awesome excuse or anything, just lazy. I am sure you will have no trouble since you rocked it earlier this year. :)

    • Girl, I totally wanted to wimp out but you called me out on Twitter. So we’re even now!! :-) Good job getting it done!! We can do this!!!

  2. Okay, I feel better now! I had already signed up for both but was afraid that I was stretching things too thin. But I guess I’m not the only one.

    I’m pretty excited about Elf for Health!

    • I’m excited, too!! I def like to keep things under control during the holidays. I, too, worry about stretching too thin but our health is really important and is often neglected during the most important part of the year. I know today’s run helped with the guilt and stress I’ve been feeling these past 24 hours gearing up for Christmas!

  3. I was thinking about doing the Runner’s World Challenge, but I didn’t want to push it and risk getting hurt with a January marathon…I definitely think rest days are important after long training runs. Maybe this summer or another year when I don’t have a marathon coming up!

    • Rest days are important, I agree. You’re doing Goofy, right?? There may be days I walk that mile..We’ll see what happens but I def listen to my body and rest when/if I need to!

      • Yes, doing Goofy this year so I REALLY don’t want to risk getting hurt! I figure I’ll just make an effort to do something everyday…not necessarily run, at least some yoga or foam rolling even.

        • I definitely don’t think you should risk it either! Goofy is a serious undertaking and I’d be just as cautious as you’re being. I think you have a good plan though. You could do planks or just general stretching/rolling. Lord knows there is a definite workout in foam rolling!!

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