Sisters and the Lottery

In August 2010, I became a runner.

In October 2010, I took D on her very first trip to Boston to visit my sister and see the city!  73522_1652602879837_295646_n

In October 2011, I returned to visit my sister in Boston and ran across the finish line of the Boston Marathon!  DSC03609

Yesterday, my sister told me that for the first time ever…she’s going to the Boston Marathon to cheer on the runners!!!!

I was so excited and D was totally confused.  Her logic, “It still doesn’t change that you won’t be there, mom.”  Knife to the heart there, D!  But….she’s right, I won’t be there and I’m heartbroken because I really wanted to be there this year to cheer on my people!  And it’s so amazingly, fantastically, awesome that my sister, sensitive to my desire to be there and can’t be, is going to go in my place!!!!!

Bet you didn’t know it was me who won the sister lottery jackpot!

What is your favorite city?

We Own the Finish Line!!!

There was a ceremony today to mark the one year anniversary of the bombings at the Boston Marathon in 2013.

I only got to listen to a little of it and have been looking all over online to see if I can find a recording – no luck, yet.

I did hear the speech Vice President Biden gave and LOVED this part..referring to the runners who will toe the start line on Monday, 4/21!

“You will send a resounding message around the world … that we will never yield, we will never cower. America will never, ever, ever stand down. We are Boston. We are America. We respond, we endure, we overcome, and we own the finish line.”


That’s right, mother truckers, WE own the finish line and nobody can take that away from us!

It was important to me to run today as a tribute to those who lost their lives, the survivors, the city of Boston, and runners everywhere.  Victims

I thought of the families who have lost their loved ones and I prayed for peace for them.

A year ago today, I wasn’t sure I’d ever run again.  The guilt was overwhelming.  I’m thankful that because of the support and love from my friends and family, I didn’t quit!  Me 4.15.14

My goal was to run 2.62 miles today..2.62

I misjudged and ended up with 2.68!  But as soon as I was home, it was time to open the package that’s been sitting around since January!  Finally Time

It felt really awesome to hold this medal, for the first time, on the anniversary!  Boston MedalIn remembrance of Martin, Lingzi, Krystle, and Sean! <3

Book and Butter

It was a pretty uneventful weekend.  But when I ordered a book off Amazon on Wednesday, anticipating it’d be here by the weekend, I kinda figured the weekend would be devoted to reading.

I wasn’t wrong.  The book arrived Friday night and I finished it Sunday afternoon!  Stronger

I loved, loved, loved this book.  I felt like I was sitting back and having a chat with Jeff himself, except he did all the talking and I did all the crying.  I am over the moon ecstatic that he survived and is making progress with his recovery. I have a new respect for amputees, I had no idea how difficult it is for them to learn how to walk with prosthetic’s.  .

I didn’t run at all this weekend.  My running buddy was out of town and so I gave myself the weekend off, as well!  But fear not, in just 14 days we will officially begin training for the Dumbo Double Dare challenge!!!

So since I didn’t run..the next logical thing was to make a super fattening dinner, right?

Seriously, you know it’s going to be delicious when the recipe starts with melting 1/2 cup of butter!Butter


And you can never go wrong with vodka!!!Vodka

Err…drinking and cooking with it..that is! :-)



OMG, I was super impressed with my vodka sauce..and the entire meal in general.  It was even more delicious this afternoon when I had leftovers for lunch!

Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.  I’ve been reading some really uplifting stories about the survivors.  Another great story I read today was about the One Run for Boston relay!  Amy is a sweetheart and I’m super jealous she got to participate..I wanted to when the torch made its way through Phoenix but I don’t run fast enough.  Not gonna lie, I felt a little discriminated against because us slow runners want to contribute, too!!  But then there’s that whole point of trying to get from X destination to the finish line in Boston before X time and yeah, so that puts things in perspective and makes my slow ass shut up and sit down!!

Any good book recommendations?

Back to the First!

We’re not even half way through 2014 and I’ve already been planning my 2015 half marathon schedule!

The Inaugural Tinker Bell race was on January 29, 2012.  That was perfect for me because I was able to keep running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona race which was, and always is, the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

RnR AZ has a special place in my heart because it was my first half marathon..EVER, back in 2012!  166796_1797278936648_7822364_n

Oh man, I can remember that moment like it was yesterday.  I was so amazed and proud of myself.

But then in 2013, runDisney moved the Tink race to the same weekend as RnR AZ race and since M and I had so much fun running was move over RnR AZ…I’m going to Disneyland.

So for 2 years I haven’t run RnR AZ and it’s always made me sad..but Tink is so much more fun that I’d quickly get over my sadness.

And now that runDisney has moved the Tink race for the 3rd time…all the way to freakin’ Mother’s Day 2015 (grrr!!!!…but don’t worry, we’re going to that one too!)…that opened RnR AZ up to me again!  4-13-2014 9-57-42 AM

And so, yeah…I’m registered for Rock n Roll Arizona in January 2015!!!!  Since I like to do four half marathons a year…so far 2015 will be:

  1. January: Rock n Roll Arizona
  2. May: Tinker Bell
  3. August/September: Disneyland
  4. ????

Hmmmm….2015 and 2014 are similar in that I have no idea what my 4th race for the year will be.

Anyway…this is one long post to basically tell you I’ve registered for my first race of 2015 and to share the coupon code!  Lucky 13

You can use the coupon code on almost any Rock n Roll race if you register today, April 13th.  After fees and code, I paid $86.99 for the half marathon.

Are you gonna run RnR Arizona in 2015??

Still Running!!

Have you seen the amazing photos and videos “Dear World” put together to mark the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings?  Check it out!  The “Dear World” video titled “Keep Running” had me in tears.  All of the pictures are amazing and beautiful!

The anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings has been on my mind and heart. I don’t need the media to remind me either – it’s something that’s just etched in to my heart and the date 4/15/13 is just like 9/11/01 to me.

Boston Strong In the days immediately after the bombings, I really wasn’t sure I would continue to run.  I felt guilty that I could run.  I am so thankful for the love and support of my friends and family and that I can say..I’m still running!  Still Running   I’ve had this package, unopened, since January!  Virtual Race On Tuesday, April 15th, I am going to run 2.62 miles as part of a virtual race and I can’t wait to come home and open the package!!

Dear World, I’m still running!!!  Love, Jac

Seen any great tributes to the Boston Marathon bombing anniversary?  Please share!

See It, Make It Happen!!

I rolled in to work this morning looking like a bag lady!  Bag Lady I like to bring in my weekly supply of food at the beginning of the week so I am less tempted to go out for lunch!  Week SupplyKashi bars for breakfast, Kashi crackers and hummus for afternoon snack, vegetable soup for lunch and grapefruits for whenever the mood strikes. I seem to be back on a coffee kick but instead of spending $3 at Starbucks, I opted to pick up some half and half and will take advantage of the fancy, free coffee at work!  And when I’m off my coffee kick, I have my green tea on standby. I try to stock my drawers with good, healthy drinks and snacks so I stay away from the vending machines! I’ve been on Weight Watchers since the end of December and I’ve been doing this yo-yo thing.  Lose 2 pounds one week, gain 1.2 pounds the next.  I’m determined to stop the cycle and just see consistent losses on the scale going forward!

Today I listened to “Hungry for Change” again and whoa!!!  Talk about re-motivating myself.  One thing I forgot the movie talks about is setting up visual reminders for yourself of goals you have, things to help you visualize goals you have for yourself.  At my last job, my cube was covered in visual reminders of goals: future race courses, finishers certificates from previous races, etc. I have nothing like that at my new job and M suggested I set my background on my work computer to be a motivating reminder of a goal I have!  DDD Motivation I’m running the Dumbo Double Dare challenge in August and I want to see a very noticeable difference in my appearance from my Tink race photos to the Dumbo photos.  I’m hoping my friends Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse will help me stay on track!

Do you surround yourself with visual reminders of goals?

Totally Random Post!

Yeap, I’ve been a blogging slacker.


Just a whole host of other things going on that required my attention and to be quite honest…I’d get to a point at night (when I normally blog) and just want to zone out and not think…about anything!

But…that doesn’t necessarily mean I haven’t been running and trying to take care of myself.

First things first, look what I found in the bike lane a couple weeks ago!!Bullet

At first I ran past it without taking a picture but then I remembered my new rule and I went back to take a picture of a LIVE bullet in the bike lane!!!

Ay Dios Mio!

BTW, I cannot pronounce “Ay Dios Mio” properly, it comes out sounding like, “Adios Mi-Hija”.  True Story!

After weeks off for good behavior…M, S and I met this morning for a run!  Us 4.6.14

The weather this morning was absolutely gorgeous but I couldn’t help but notice how high in the sky the sun was at 7:30.  Gotta enjoy these “gorgeous” runs now…summer is upon us!

Don’t you love how we’re showing our British and American pride?  Red, white and blue!  And nope, we didn’t plan it – we’re just in tune with each other like that.  Be afraid!

We had a lovely breakfast after our run but M had to point out the huge differences in our coffee.  Coffee Differences

Don’t judge me…I like my cream flavored with coffee.

After breakfast I stopped on my way home to pick up lunch necessities for the week and another bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar!3rd ACV

I’m on to my 3rd bottle and I’m totally addicted to the habit of drinking a tablespoon diluted in water three times a day!  Have I noticed any health changes?  I’ve noticed a huge difference in the softness of my face AND I didn’t break out with huge ugly zits this month!! I am not applying the ACV to my face directly, I’m just drinking it.  M and S both said they noticed a difference in the appearance of my face so…maybe the stuff is working?  I didn’t start taking ACV to help with my complexion but I’m not going to complain that it seems to be helping in that department – WINNING!!

Any who, while standing in line at Target today, I threw this little baby in my basket..EOS

I honestly have a problem with buying lip balm.  I probably have 30 different types of lip balm in my house..what’s one more?

What’s something you buy too many of?

Interesting Garbage

Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day!  Can you believe it but K and I did not drink beer on St. Patrick’s Day?  I did have green vodka yesterday so all celebrations weren’t out the window!  Green Vodka

I ran today after work.  Tuesday is “speed” day but my iPod Shuffle had a sense of humor today and kept playing mellow, slow songs. Just about the time I was deciding I need to go ahead and make a “speed” playlist, it started playing some Eminem and Metallica.  Phew!

Oh…and I know those of you living in Polar Hell aren’t going to feel bad for me but it was the first time this year I had to run through the sprinkler’s!  I don’t feel bad for me either – I could have survived without the run through but it did feel refreshing to do so.  But…this does mean that our “stupid hot” season is upon us.

During my cool down walk home, I had time for a selfie..Ran 3.18.14

Loaded that sucker up to Instagram as soon as I was home – because you can’t call yourself a runner or a blogger unless you post selfies immediately to social media to prove you did the work!

Immediately after I snapped my proof selfie, something in the middle of the road caught my eye.  I walked over to pick it up because I was certain this could cause damage to someone’s vehicle!  Scissors in Road

I’ve decided I am going to make it a rule for myself to take pictures of all the random crap I find in the road and/or bike lane during my runs.  I mean, sure, you expect to see your average trash of beer cans and fast food garbage.  But it’s the other “interesting” garbage items I have found: marijuana pipe, dead cat, dead pigeon (the best kind of pigeon!!!), traffic flags, gloves.

You can thank me that I didn’t start this picture rule with the dead cat and pigeon.




You’re welcome!!!

Now I’m off to distract myself from feeling guilty that I won’t let D eat a donut because she refused to eat her couscous at dinner.

Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Jealous, Again!

My morning started with meal planning!  Meal Planning 3.16.14

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before but D loves, love, LOVES artichokes.  So when we walked up to the produce store and these were out in front…she stopped to drool!  Artichokes

Like seriously, I’m surprised people actually stopped to pick up artichokes with the way she was salivating over them!!!  It was like she was marking her territory–we did go home with 3 but I’m pretty sure she would have taken them all!

After we were home from produce shopping..BTW, I love it when my fridge drawers are full of fresh produce…Produce DrawerI talked D in to going for a 45 minute walk with me. Walk

D is quite entertaining on a walk…she can even walk backwards!  Walking Backwards

We noticed all the beautiful flowers wreaking havoc on Arizonans allergies!  Pink FlowersWhite FlowersAll ColorsPurple Flowers

D further demonstrated her skills of being able to “quickly” play on the play set at the park! PlaygroundI realized the nice thing about walking vs. running is there’s more time to notice the environment around you!

I have never noticed this desert oasis front yard and I’ve run by this house a few dozen times!  Oasis 1Oasis

Are they landscape artists?  I mean, nobody else in the area has these tiny palm trees and a cute bubbling waterfall in their front lawns.  I am JEALOUS – and seriously just wanted to sit there and enjoy the tranquility.  Would that have been odd?

Since the week’s menu calls for a lot of Weight Watcher recipes, I had to appease the man I share a bed with and cook a meal that would keep me in his good graces!  I can never go wrong with beef and mushrooms!  Shitake

Braised BeefIt was delicious but I have a feeling K’s leftovers for lunch tomorrow will taste 50% better – I’m jealous, again!

The weekend goes too fast but at least I feel like I got some stuff done this weekend!!

What is your favorite vegetable?