Me and this Watch..

If it’s not one thing with my Garmin, it’s another!

Today…this happened!photo 2

So I took to Instagram to moan & groan get some feedback about a replacement watch but was pleasantly surprised with tips on how to fix my watch.  Naturally, I looked online to see about a replacement band but that doesn’t seem possible.

So some suggestions to jimmy rig:

  • rubber band
  • KT Tape
  • duct tape
  • bandage

When I got home from work, I tried using one of D’s Rainbow Loom bracelets, it wasn’t tight enough. I tried using one of the bands used to make her bracelets – it definitely wasn’t tight enough.  Then I used a small hair 3

Well, look at that.  It just might work!

I don’t know what my deal with this watch is but I can’t seem to call it a day and replace it.  I looked at some watches online and just couldn’t bring myself to click “Add to Cart” and be done with it.  What gives?

I think me and my watch might need couples of us keeps trying to call it quits while the other one is holding on for dear life!

Do you have a piece of running gear you can’t part with?


Dazzle Me!

Last week was kinda stressful…

I was busy with my own workload but then was covering for someone on vacation.  My workload is already too much, let alone adding to it.

In training for Dumbo..I was scheduled to run 3 miles Saturday and 11 miles Sunday.

Thinking I just wanted to get it all done and over with..I opted to run 3 miles Friday with the plan to run 11 miles Saturday!

I had an amazing run Friday!  7-20-2014 9-34-57 AM

Was a little sore at work after that but..chalked it up to the fact that I was running in the 6 minute mile range, at times,..Holy Fast Legs, Batman!

Late Friday morning – I got some amazing news which would ultimately alter my run plans for Saturday!!  I got a promotion and will be moving to a different department at work in August!!  I am so excited and I think it’ll be a really good move for me.

Needless to say, it was a necessity I go have a couple of cold ones to celebrate.  Right?!

So..11 miles on Sunday instead.

Last night, I did the proper carb loading..BruschettaPB Chocolate

I was nervous about the run because I was going alone (M ditched me for Disneyland…again!!!) and the heat & humidity are no runner’s friend!

I hit the road at 5 am.  When I stepped outside, didn’t notice that the air was “cool” but didn’t gasp of suffocation either.

About 2 miles in, the sun was really starting to dazzle me with a gorgeous view in the sky! Sunrise 2 7.20.14Sunrise 7.20.14

The pictures are kinda blurry because my phone was in a plastic bag.

Not a lot of excitement on this run..  Saw a whole bunch of cop cars with their flashing lights but couldn’t make out what they were tending to.

When I got back to my neighborhood around the 9.5 mile mark, I started playing M’s game of, “9.5 is just as good as 11 in this heat!”  Except, I just can’t do that, if my schedule says 11 miles, I do 11 miles.  Not 10.98, not 10.75, but 11!

The biggest blessing of my run was the cloud coverage.  At the 6 mile mark, the sun was high enough in the sky to beat down on me and create problems but the clouds kept the sun blocked my entire run!  So thankful!!!  11 miles

A 12:29 pace. Probably faster than I should have run but I didn’t have M there to regulate my pace with our talking.  I didn’t feel like I was pushing too hard or feeling burnt out so I just went with the pace my body seemed comfortable with.  I am sore now; got my compression socks on and have a date with the stick and/or foam roller later.

5 more weeks of training until our big event.  The next long run we have is 12.5 miles and then 14 miles 2 weeks before the big day.  Can’t wait for all that bling!!!

Are you a bling or race shirt collector?

Pretty Tight!

I didn’t run Tuesday because I felt so warn down and exhausted.  K said it’s the weather.

Whatever the reason, I was just wiped and told myself I’d run Wednesday morning.

When K came in to our bedroom this morning, it woke me up and I asked what he was doing.  He responded, “Showering!”

Oh crap!

I’m normally out the door and half way through my run by the time he gets up to shower.

He told me I still had time to get a run in so out the door I went.

Maybe I should have stayed in bed.

I struggled the entire run.  I was wheezing, my legs didn’t want to move, and it just felt harder than it should this far in to my training.  What gives?

photo 1

Hmm….foggy camera photo..lots of condensation on my phone..

Not a shabby pace for how much of a struggle it 2

Checked the weather after I was inside and shivering from being all wet with sweat and the A/C being on..   79 degrees with 74% humidity!  I went from “What gives?” to “I kicked that run’s ass!”

Saw my chiro today, I was counting down the hours until it was time for my appointment.  As soon as I was in the little room, I started telling him all about the article I read and how crappy I’ve felt for the past few months.

When I see the chiro, I normally have two things adjusted: my upper back (between my shoulder blades) and my hips.  Hips aren’t bothering me so it was all about my upper back today and it’s not that my upper back’s been bothering me – it’s that I’m thinking it’s the culprit to my mysterious illnesses.

As he’s pressing on my upper back he comments that, “It’s pretty tight back here!”  I’ve come to learn that “tight” at the chiropractor’s office is not a good word!  He does the little massage machine on me to get my back nice and relaxed and then…a nice slow push.  I could feel the popping one by one up my vertebrae..that’s not normal.  He moved his hands to another portion of my upper back and does another pop.  Then…on to another part and pops again.  3 adjustments in my upper back!

I was shocked.  Normally, I’m one quick pop right in the middle and good to go. I couldn’t believe it took 3 adjustments and that I could feel the pressure coming off my back with each push.

We chatted some more about my mileage, how much time I take off between events, and if I take rest days.  I wasn’t told to limit my training but he did recommend I get in before Dumbo in August, I told him I’d be seeing him after my 11 miles next weekend!

Immediately after my appointment I was doing a little more coughing than usual.  But that’s since ceased.  I definitely feel like I’m sitting up straighter!  Let’s see what happens!

In case you paused earlier when I commented that “K came in to our bedroom this morning”, K has been sleeping in another room because I’ve been sleeping with the humidifier on for the past few days.  I figured out a solution for a cease fire on the ritual of transforming our room in to a sauna ever night!

I text K this pic when I got home!!  photo 3

Welcome the new addition to our family…photo 5

A cool mist humidifier!!!

With the humidity outside, it seems kinda odd that I’d be setting up this beauty right now.  But between the A/C, ceiling fan, and standing fan K has running nonstop..the air is plenty dry in this house!

How long of a rest do you take between races?

Little Zingers!

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer..

M and I survived our 9.5 mile run on Sunday.

Yes, it was humid – that was the most noticeable part of the weather.

But thanks to this cloud coverage..Sunrise 7.6.14

The sun stayed hidden until the last mile of our run.  From time to time, we’d have a little breeze and since we were drenched in sweat from the humidity, the breeze actually felt nice!

It’s a good thing I have experience training over the summer because the one thing I’ve learned is how quickly I go through water on these runs.  At the 3.5 mile mark, I was through 3 of my 4 water bottles!  Fear not, I knew there was a Starbucks at our turn around point..Water 7.6.14

I also had water waiting for me at the 7 mile mark.  Hydration is so important when you’re running in this kind of heat!

As M and I chased down the 9.5 miles, we caught up on her amazing trip and anything else that sprung to mind!

M was telling me about seeing her chiro and him telling her he thinks she has a certain illness.  How in the world would he know that from adjusting her back?

So she’s explaining about the nervous system and how it is all connected and linked and she touches a spot in my upper back and it’s like the angels started singing from heaven!

It is the exact spot my chiro always adjusts when I see them…  When she touched my back, it felt like little zingers went out through my entire body but in a good way.  As in a, “Yes, yes, this is the focal point!!!”

I’ve been so sick this past year with some really weird things and…what’s the one thing this year that I haven’t consistently been doing??

Seeing my chiropractor!!!!

I did some Google searching on Monday about illnesses being cured with a chiropractor and I found this article!   I think I have read every word on this diagram!  merick


I called my chiro as soon as they opened Monday and I cannot wait for my appointment tomorrow afternoon!

I have to say that in spite of working more hours and getting sick (again), it felt really good to see some positive reinforcement in regards to my training!  7-8-2014 7-15-07 PMIt’s not easy getting out there and getting these training runs done but…it feels really fantastic when I do accomplish them and can look at that “total distance” and know that I did that!

Are you recovered from the holiday weekend?

We Got This!

Yesterday was D’s very first firework stand purchase!  First Time

Fireworks have been illegal in Arizona, probably for very, very good reasons.  In years past, we’ve been able to buy super weak sparklers that just aren’t worth the hassle so..why bother.  But yesterday, we loaded up on all kinds of good things.  D was ecstatic!

K was having a blast lighting off our own personal firework display! Fountains

We can see the big firework air show from our house but yesterday, we were more interested in our personal show!

K read a tip about poking a hole in the bottom of a Red Solo cup and using that as a shield when handling sparklers…D 4th

Very smart idea!  D was a little nervous with her first major sparkler experience but she warmed up very quickly and was even putting them close enough in my face to take a picture!  Sparkler

It was a fun 4th of July…we even had a great sunset!  Sunset 7.4In all the excitement, I totally forgot I needed to run 2 miles today as part of my training for the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge.  By the time I headed out the door, it was after 12 pm and..7.5.14

K told me I was insane to be going out for a run but I told him “it’s just 2 miles!”

Yeah…that was hell!  97 is one thing but couple it with humidity and it’s..Why

Hopefully I won’t make that mistake again…

I think it was Tuesday or so that I came down sick again.  Very strange symptoms, again, with a weird sore throat, my voice coming and going, and nonstop drinking of water seeming to be my only relief.

I was supposed to run 9.5 miles Friday morning to get my  long run for the weekend done and over with but I woke up Friday at 2 am with my throat on fire. I finally had the idea to set up my humidifier as that has helped immensely in the past when these “strange illnesses” have struck..   I didn’t make it back to sleep until almost 3:30 am and knew my long run was postponed.

But the good news in that is…M is finally back in town and she can do the long run with me tomorrow.  Except she’s already whining giving me excuses explaining that she’s not sure how she’ll do just coming off a fabulous vacation..  M has never “trained” during this worst weather Phoenix has to offer up, we call it “monsoon season”.

What’s “monsoon season”, you ask?  Well, it’s the time of year in the summer where we have humidity..  I mean our humidity isn’t anything like the south but it’s noticeable when you go from a “dry” heat to a new found “wet” one.  We also get fun things like dust storms that are normally followed by thunder storms.  We had our first of the season on July 3rd and are anticipating another one tonight.  Which would explain tomorrow’s awful forecast! 7-5-2014 6-18-24 PM

Seriously???  An average of 50% humidity for our 9.5 miles???   Kill…Me..Now!!!

Needless to say, it’s not just gonna be a long run…but it’s going to be painful and SLOW run!

Fear not, we got this.  The key is hydration and slowing your roll.  We got this!

And to psych myself up…  photo

All good things, all good things…

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?


2 Can Play That Game!

Here is yesterday’s tracker..Tracker 6.27.14

I sent it to my leader and the first thing she commented on was the alcohol.  I did point out that it was Friday….

4 mile long run done this morning, starting about 5:10 am so I could stay ahead of the sun.

The sky looked gorgeous with the sun trying to wake up Arizona!About 520

Except 20 minutes later it looked like Chucky peeking around the corner yielding it’s knife threatening to make our lives a living hell!!  About 540

How can something be so beautiful and so scary all at the same time?

3.5 miles in and the sun was just starting to bake my head..Behind me

I had to do the long run alone this morning because M ditched me for Disneyland.  Yesterday she was texting me pictures and engaging me in my favorite game when I, or anyone I know, is at Disneyland, “Where Am I?”Dland TreesPirates

I love this game!! Even though I guessed the general area of where she was, I didn’t quite nail the attraction–Pirates!  And since Pirates is my favorite ride and I was super jealous excited for her to be there, I text her pictures so she could guess where I was!Where Am I

Okay so my picture wasn’t quite as exciting… but it was just what the Jac ordered after a long week!

I’m off to see a man about a car…or at the very least some breakfast!

What is your favorite Disneyland attraction?

Operation Domination!

Took the new shoes out for a run this morning..First Time Pink

Since they are the same exact model as my previous pair, I knew they’d work for me.  What surprised me was I thought I’d notice a difference in padding from my yellow pair, that I’ve been wearing for a year now (seriously!  A year!!  That’s like a runner no-no!!), to my pink pair but..I noticed absolutely no difference. None.  Nada.  Zilch.  It convinced me that my shoes are wicked awesome!!!

Know what else was wicked awesome?

My short pony tail! So Short

I hate my pony tail swooshing on my back or clinging to my neck so I’ve been having to bundle it near the top of my head in a bun and secure it with like 3 pony tail holders. Today, I just let the pony tail hang free!

So..even though I’ve not been blogging about it, I’m still on Weight Watchers.  But..I haven’t been as committed as I should be.  So last week I committed to getting serious – track, workout, drink my water, most importantly – TRACK!  And I did great last week. I tracked, I worked out 6 days, I drank water, I got plenty of sleep, I limited my alcohol.  Someone please tell me why I showed a gain of 1 pound this week.




As I sat listening to the meeting, one of the other ladies shared that last week – she had done everything perfectly and then showed a pound gain.  And then this week, she showed over a 2 pound loss.  She knew absolutely nothing about my story got me to thinking that maybe this is normal!

And if memory serves me, I think my body does this kind of crap. I start to buckle down, take things seriously, do the things I need to do and my body revolts.

I told my leader I was going to Facebook message her a screenshot of my tracker every single night.  She was excited about that, really!  Then I thought I’d take it a step further..I’m going to post the screenshot here, as well.

Even though the scale isn’t reflecting what I want it to – I can tell that there are positive changes in my body.  Not positive as in the scale number is rising but as in my clothes are looser, things feel firmer, my fitness is improving.  I feel good.  I can’t let what the scale says throw me off track!

Deep down inside – I’m hoping to get on that scale next week and DOMINATE!!!!!!

Any tips to help me make that scale my bitch next week?

Bugs in my Water!

I started my day with Jillian..30 Day Shred

My arms were pretty sore after the work out, I couldn’t even raise them above my head to wash my hair in the shower. True Story!  I had to bring my head to the level my arms were able to reach, which meant I was kinda bent over in the shower.  Whoa, so glad nobody saw that.  Although after I told D and K about my experience, D suggested we video tape it next time it happens.  Um…no!

Does anyone know why Starbucks changed the color of their straws?Lime Green

It may sound strange but it just doesn’t feel right to drink my Starbucks from a straw that doesn’t match the color of their logo.  True Story!

I was so glad my co-workers wanted to go to the salad place for lunch today!!  BBQ RanchI thanked them by adding bugs to my water and leaving it on my desk for all to see!

ChiaHa ha, no, it’s not bugs…it’s Chia seeds!

Then to top off my day of fun…I got new hair!New Hair

I won’t ever be able to recreate this so I have to document it immediately so I can remember how good it use to look.  I told my co-workers the only difference they’ll notice in my hair tomorrow is my pony tail will appear shorter.  True Story!

Do you have a favorite workout video?


Easy Peasy

I prefer to run in the afternoons but with Phoenix hitting temperatures in the triple digits..switching to morning runs only made sense.

I am not a morning person.  Honestly, I walk around in autopilot just to get out the door!  So making things as easy on myself to get out the door for a run before work requires some organization on my part.  Thought I’d share some tips on how I’ve allowed myself to get out the door easier!

As soon as I’m home from my run in the morning, my shoes and socks come off and are left near the front door!  Shoes

3 steps in to living room, I remove my arm band, iPhone (acting as an iPod) and headphones, keep them all together and leave them in my workout box in the bookshelf!  Armband

I remove all the water bottles from my belt and refill them – 2 half filled go in the freezer..Freezer

2 completely filled go in to the fridge..FridgeI hang my belt on the steam mop in the pantry! Fuel Belt

After I make my way upstairs, I put my watch and Road ID in my Hot Chocolate 10K finishers mug! Watch

I hang my clothes and visor on a hanger in the bathroom so they can dry and are all in one place so I can grab the hanger on Thursday for my morning run.  Yes, I wear the same running clothes for both of my midweek runs.

Then come Thursday, I will work in reverse, dress – grab my watch/Road ID, grab my belt, fill the 2 half frozen water bottles with water, put all 4 bottles in my belt, grab my phone/headphones/armband combo, put on my shoes and out the door I go.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezey.

This system is really making my life easier for my early morning runs and I’m not racing around the house trying to find my running gear – wasting valuable time!

I got exciting mail today!  Delivery

I ordered new shoes online.  They’re the same exact brand and model of the yellow shoes I showed you a moment ago..Brooks Glycerin 11…but this time they’re…New shoes

WAY pinker than they appeared on the internet but if I could rock the yellow, I can rock the pink!

Do you keep your running gear organized or do you have to hunt for it every run?

Inaugural Tinker Bell 10K 2014

Time to flashback to January 2014 and the Tinker Bell 10K!

I really want to share with you all the events from that wonderful weekend.  The 10K is easier to write about first, fewer pictures.  So…here we go with the 10K!  (Sorry we’ll be out of sequence with the events from that weekend but..better late than never!)

Saturday, January 18, 2014 – Inaugural Tinker Bell 10K

Even though we were a party of 4, only M and I were running the 10K.  We dressed as Pirates since Pirates love to hunt Tink during the half marathon!  IMG_3814Showing our Pirate faces..IMG_3815

All Pirates need motivating temporary tattoos on their hands, right?

Left hand

Left hand

Right hand

Right hand

We had a very easy walk from our hotel to Corral A!  IMG_3816

We were super close to the start line, even with 15 minutes left until go time.  There was also a bunch of space behind us!  DSC06499Our plan for this race (besides having fun) was to stop for any and all “must do” photo ops and get ours out of the way so we’d have more time during the half marathon the next day to accommodate L and S’s photo ops!  And boy did we stop for photo ops!!

Princess and the Frog float

Princess and the Frog float

Little Mermaid float

Little Mermaid float

So excited Disneyland opted to keep the Christmas lights on Small World for our run!  DSC06505DSC06506DSC06507

D is crazy in to horses lately so I stopped to pose!  DSC06509

In previous races, it’s normally light out by the time we are in Disneyland so it was super cool to run through Disneyland in the dark!  DSC06510DSC06511DSC06512

Buzz Lightyear is my “must stop” photo op no matter what!  DSC06513

I love Main Street USA!  DSC06515

Goodbye Disneyland, we’ll be back tomorrow with our friends!DSC06516DSC06517

In California Adventure, the World of Color fountains were a gorgeous sight, it’s a very popular photo op!  DSC06518

I tried to capture a selfie with the fountains but alas, it didn’t work!  DSC06519

When we ran Tinker Bell half marathon in 2013, I was astonished when M didn’t want to stop and pose with Lightning McQueen and Mater, they’re her “must do”. But back then, she didn’t want to wait in lines.  Well, that wasn’t the case for Tink 10K 2014, we waited in the line and I’m glad we did!  DSC06521

As we made our way in to Bug’s Land, we spotted what I would label as the best costume of the race!  DSC06522 DSC06523 DSC06524

One of the perks of running in the parks is the use of the restrooms, M needed to stop in Bug’s Land so I took pictures!

I could go for a ride!

I could go for a ride!

There’s nothing like being in the park for sunrise!  DSC06526

Posing with friends..DSC06528

We didn’t realize this was Monster’s Inc until we’d passed it.  We opted to not backtrack..but I wish we had!  DSC06529

The route for the 10K was amazing.  Most of our time was spent in the parks and on property.  Course Map Tink 10K

At mile 4 we were sent out on to the streets of Anaheim and my only  problem with that is we were running in to the sun and it was really hard to keep my eyes up and watch where I was going. times I was pretty much running blind.  But I’m not complaining, we were having a great time!  DSC06531

Our unofficial time..


Which isn’t bad at all for all the photos we took, a bathroom stop and congestion from time to time!

Medal and bib..IMG_3820



Breakfast at Storyteller’s Cafe…more on that in a future post!  IMG_3821In case you’re wondering…yes, M and I plan to run the 10K again in 2015!

Did you run the Tinker Bell 10K in January?